by Against Nature

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released July 9, 2006

John Brenner sings and plays guitar
Bert Hall Jr plays bass guitar
Steve Branagan plays drums



all rights reserved


Revelation Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy and Classic Rock from Baltimore, MD since 1986

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Track Name: Absolute Zero
Our revels are now ended
A glooming peace this morning with it brings
The sun for sorrow will not show his head
The tedious minutes I have spent
I have seen nothing

Look down, you gods
Let your indulgence set me free
Telling the saddest tale
That one may smile
A special provenance
Forgetting any other home but this
Track Name: Natrificial
All is not well
What monsters you make of them
The play’s the thing
Make a heaven of hell
With dance and delight
A prince of power
Believe me, king of shadows,
I’ve gone numb

Searching for a meaning

Time to forget
Wretched, rash, intruding souls,
They run away
Serpent stung
Most delicate
What cannot remember
Spring come September

Something more than seeming

Reckless measures
O…I need only patience
What need for ten?
For five? For one?
An excuse to fly
It’s treason otherwise

Searching for a meaning
Something more than seeming
Track Name: Invisible Cities
We are the school
Of reputation
Greater than fear
Than blissful ignorance

Arduous struggle
Our chief safeguard
Before you daring
To let it go
Track Name: Quantum Foam
Into a small boat
In a thunderstorm
Across narrow bridges
Above foaming streams

Chattering of perils
Waking with a shriek
Dreaming on the lake
What angel awakes me?

I have had a vision
Suffered with those I saw
Teach me how you look
We must have a wall
Track Name: Ghosting
The mountains are a playground
Love, another playmate
Ignorant of the law of gravity
An exposed, helpless child
Tread softly

Fairy tale of a boy
Learning to feel shame
A religious irreverence
No better than a thief
On whose nature
Nurture can never weigh
You taught me this language
Let this cup pass from me
Tread softly
Track Name: Wordcrime
The lover and the poet
Alike in dignity
Let two more summers wither
Wondrous man do not smile at me

More than a little proud
Less than a little loud

Mountains will heave
To bring forth
Born: a ridiculous mouse
Where should this music be?
All the world will be in love with night

The flattering truth of sleep
Such as it is raw and young
A spirit of no common rate
Blind sight, dead life, poor mortal ghost