Ground Down

by Against Nature

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released December 27, 2011

John Brenner sings and plays guitar and keyboards
Bert Hall Jr plays bass
Steve Branagan plays drums



all rights reserved


Revelation Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy and Classic Rock from Baltimore, MD since 1986

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Track Name: First Things First
Let’s you and I recall
The words we used to speak
The stars don’t have to fall
Without you I’m so weak

And let’s get first things first
That’s all that’s on our minds
The way is never clear
But don’t ignore the signs

Back in the hungry world
We’re like a beaten thing
All that’s behind us now
Ain’t no use I can see

Out of the glaring light
Walking beneath the pines
We’d come together then
Like honey mixed in wine

Scents of the open sea
A few more days could bring
I’d hoard my life inside
So you and I could be

Though I don’t know just where from here
Let’s start again
And you won’t say just what you fear
Let’s start again
Baby the way, it ain’t so clear
Let’s start again
And we want, need to
Gotta find a way
Track Name: Written in Bone
My soul’s an ossuary
Heart like a cemetery
I try so hard to be wary
Of what I know

Your bones empty of marrow
My eyes down on the narrow
Way to nothing and nowhere
Cracked open like a shell

My hands in prayer, ring like a bell
I’ve caused more loss than a thousand years can tell
You’ve got to know that it’s all just lies
Just don’t you look me in the eyes
Track Name: Sky Up, Ground Down
Lost myself
Got down from the shelf
Picked my feet up
And walked into hell

Took a breath
Climbed into the cleft
Walked around and saw
Nothing much was left

When I asked
I heard you gasp
Slivers of the moment
Rushing past

Years of snow
Such a heavy load
I feel myself going
Down real slow

Some night, you say,
There’ll be another day
When the sky and ground
Have parted ways

Where’s up or down
I’ve been on the ground
So long I don’t know
Where they’re found
Track Name: Evergreen
Baby just tell me
Where begins the green
The wine and wild honey,
The balm and the bee

The place where pines grow
Where once we walked those ways
The paths to the water
To open-ended days

And won’t you show me
That it’s all right
The storms won’t stop us
From holding too tight

And forget that the world’s just a lie

Pretend that the world’s fair
And love is never just a snare.
Stand shoulder to shoulder
We’ll grow older there

You wear your grief like a glory,
An ancient cross to lose
Trouble beneath every story
As if we didn’t choose

To take a lesson in patience
And touching you
I fall for you all over again

The world is evergreen
Track Name: Don't Kid Yourself
The years are dragging
The moon across the sand
And if the days are over
Who’ll lend you a hand?

Just steal a moment
Shut yourself within
If life’s as dumb as dreaming
It’s useless, this scheming
We’re just born of a little sin

Why say you’re sorry
For words you never said
You’re so tired of forgetting
And trying to stay awake

No wind is so rough
So cold or so clean
And if we’re living through tough times
Just waiting in long lines
There’s worse still yet to see
Why should I feel less
Or talk of better days?

And you’re cut down
Down at the knees
The flowers on the altar
Are losing all their green.
There are worse lives
Than slowly trying
To stop ourselves from dying
In an empty grave
Track Name: Passerby
They told you the moon’s made of gold?
The sky a blue nothing, to be bought and sold?
Wipe your hand down your lips and laugh
Take another step along that path

No, the kids won’t let you play in the sand.
They just walk by, dismiss you out of hand.
Eyes between days, a bliss and a fall,
They can’t see the highway dust is over all.

So impatient for a word,
We look for someone to throw us a pearl
Our souls stretched across the sky
We just can’t see there's no getting by
Track Name: Rough Road
There was a sign ahead
My eyes blurry and red
Danger it said, you show some

Lining the right of way
On a dull, wet day
The bones of ghosts and misdirection

We stood in the glare
the stars so old and spare,
And looked toward a distant mountain

Troubles too hard to bear
We said life wasn’t fair
No sign of stream or flowing fountain

In tangled lines of fence,
The stones were no defense
A well and a track that led far away

We stretched ourselves along
In a deep hell of song
Where love went down into a dark day

I’ve lost my treasure
Yet I still measure
The years let go, hopeless in despair

But there’s no mystery
No written history
Of roads that lead inside to nowhere
Track Name: Susquehanna
Well, there’s a bend up around the road
And I’m driving, driving round real slow
Crawling down, down into the narrow lane
And crossing over, over through in the rain

Don’t ask me how I know
Where the Susquehanna flows

You threw a blanket, out across the bed,
Lay on your back, and turned your head
Waited for me across the span
Stretched out long, reached out a hand
And I’m racing, over the blue below
So not to lose you, down in the undertow

Don’t ask me how I know
Where the Susquehanna flows

Such nights might turn, turn to spreading fans
I’ll come to that bridge when I cross it then
Where the trains, the trains are riding low
Know I have to, I have to pay the toll

Don’t ask me how I know
Where the Susquehanna flows