Much in Little

by Against Nature

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released January 9, 2008

John Brenner sings and plays guitars and synths
Bert Hall Jr plays bass guitar
Steve Branagan plays drums



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Revelation Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy and Classic Rock from Baltimore, MD since 1986

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Track Name: Touch Me Not
I hear the old sounds, the soundless wailing.
You are a ghost tossing old coins,
The action of shadows, a poverty of spirit.
These bleeding hands we feel
Touch me not.

We would see a sign: a flowering Judas,
The man with heavy eyes dying with a patience,
The wild thyme, dung, soil, and death.
Men and bits of paper
Touch me not.
Track Name: Another Self
Should I speak or hold my tongue?
Or do what silence requires?
I should not want to spoil this with an answer.
No earthquakes are permissible
For this particular timbre.
If there are no questions, there is no message.
An individual matter: an ear, alone, is not being.
To move over better waters,
The whole world is my temple.
Track Name: Mystic Cynic
To hide beauty
We grow thin inside.
What is possessed is nothing
But empty notions, curious trifles;
The water is thick with monsters.
If anything big were like loneliness,
This mirage would disappear.
Track Name: Come What May
Tripping together with destiny,
Or another way, desperation.
A secret of leaves, love falling,
A good-bye of liquid,
Hurried beyond today.

We beat our course along that way
And came forth to see again the stars.

It's an indoor game: inch closer.
So much is at stake with a soul.

We beat our course along that way
And came forth to see again the stars.
Track Name: Much in Little
As if speaking were not enough,
I sat beneath your window:
Field of summer reeds,
Dry and brittle needs.
You clutch handfuls
Elbow them into corners.

Was that your voice? What to avoid?
We must guard against such sudden flames.