by Whetstone

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released August 29, 2015

David Reif plays drums, percussion (you know, like stuff you shake)
John Brenner plays guitars, bass, sitar, harmonica, and sings (ain't that enough?)



all rights reserved


Revelation Baltimore, Maryland

Heavy and Classic Rock from Baltimore, MD since 1986

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Track Name: Keepin' On
Your're alone
Never find just what you need
Stabbed a stone
So that we could see it bleed

And it's all night long

You won't turn
Look ahead and cross the street
Never learn
That's it's all beneath your feet

All it's all night long
Track Name: All But the Young Girls Know
I was born on the rough side of the street
Where the strong don’t keep good company
Won’t be long before they come for me
When I’m gone they can have it all for free

Walk alone
No going home

I was raised in the fire and the rain
Where the girls will treat you just the same
Blood to blood to help you feel their pain
If I could I’d do it all again

Walk alone
No going home

When you’re young, that’s where it all is paid
Roll the bones to see who’s still afraid
Take it all and carry it away
Don’t see long when you live in yesterday
Track Name: Get It
Hold on
Grab that hollow feeling
Make your peace and don’t be loud

Go long
Watch out for the reckless
Lose yourself in the crowd

Do you hear what we’re saying?

Move on
You’re stubborn as you’re stumbling
I’ll sure tell you that for free

No song
Can reach into your pocket
I’d rather it was you than me

Step back
Slide into the moonlight
Clap your hands and close your eyes

Get down
Think work ain’t gonna save it
Ain’t no way to win the prize

Do you hear what we’re saying?

Too stong
Ain’t no time to ask me
What is what and where it’s at

Stand tall
From day to day the pleasant
Nothing going wrong with that

Try to pay attention
Maybe I got nothing to say

Sit still
Try not to be so restless
Come again another day

Do you hear what we’re saying?
Track Name: Long Bridge
Once more once I told baby
Then I threw a penny to Poe
Before we went a rollin'
With that ragged man behind the stones

Took him for a ride down the west side
Then headed for the concrete pier
Two more years until the tower fell
Don’t you know there weren’t nothing to fear

You can’t lose the key to highway
Walking just west of the sun
Who’s going to profit with a hole in his pocket?
Flying while the herrings run

Oh, it’s a damned long bridge

These two dollar shoes is killin' my feet
Don’t care where in the world I go
Lost half my pay before the end of May
But a man’s still gonna roam

Looking for the bluest sky baby
The darkest clouds don’t bring you down
Can’t decide which way to the sea
Gotta leave that sundown town

Stepping to a season of fever
Ears too thin for the sound
And if the wind is stale way up in Belair
Ain’t never gonna get it done

Colder than a well digger’s wallet
The grass grow through your mouth
Better pick a side, along for the ride
Caught between the north and south

Oh, it’s a damned long bridge
Track Name: Dead Drops
Right is right and sometimes the fight
Never ends this way, never ends this way
Searching for something, that’s what’s going down
Come what may, come what may

Hey backstabber
You don’t even matter
Hey backstabber
You’re low on the ladder

One of these nights around 11 o' clock
This old world’s going to rock, this old world’s going to rock
The very moment I thought I was lost
Then the chains fell off, then the chains fell off

Hey backstabber
You think you’re badder
Hey backstabber
Your brain is scattered
Hey backstabber
You don't even matter
Hey backstabber
You’re low on the ladder
Track Name: Talk Me Down
Slip into my bluejean
Step into the old scene
St. Paul is callin'
He ain't heard it fallen
He don't got two dime
'Cause who spend the time?
He work dollar to dollar
Then it's back to the holler

You gotta talk me down

The rain it don't gather
Not like it matter
'Cept the way that you see it
And not wanna be it
We swear to the secret
And forget all the regret
We feel a little bit ancient
And a lotta complacent

You gotta talk me down
Track Name: Rung Up, Hung Up
Ain't no way I'm gettin' kicked around
Won't get caught with my trousers down
I don't know how a woman feels
All I know is up my sleeve

It's just a step away
What more can I do?
Gonna hide away
Up my sleeve

i don't know why you're trying
You don't know what I'm hiding
Up my sleeve